Protected Investments

At Pacific Loanworks, Inc. we know that you have a multitude of investment options to choose from and thank you for your interest in our company. We live in a ever-changing world and it has become increasingly more important for you to protect your investments and your future. We all must learn from past mistakes and the need now to diversify your investment portfolio has never been greater. First Trust Deeds have long been a dependable investment option for savvy investors and Pacific Loanworks, Inc. would like to be the company of your choice.

Specialized Trust Deed Investments

Pacific Loanworks, Inc. has been a family-run company specializing in Trust Deed investments for over a decade. We have an unwavering commitment to offering quality investments and are steadfast in our resolve to triple-check every facet of any opportunity that we present to you. Our track record is impeccable and we have hundreds of satisfied return clients. Our goal is to find the investment opportunity that is right for your specific needs and provide you with a high rate of return that produces monthly interest payments. I am confident that if you give our company the opportunity, you will be rewarded with a long-term relationship built on trust, security, and return on investment.

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