Program Summary

What we can do for you?

Pacific Loanworks, Inc. is an equity based private investor lender. This means that our loans are approved based more upon the equity in the property than the borrower's credit or income verification. We are able to do this as our source of funds comes from private individuals and not institutional sources. All of our loans are approved, funded and serviced by Pacific Loanworks, Inc. Our loans are typically approved within hours of submission and closed within five days, not weeks.

Get Funding in Days!

Step 1

Submit your scenario.

Submit your scenario using the quick online application or contact one of our loan specialists. Submissions are approved in 2 hours.

Each scenario is looked at and approved individually. We see the big picture and work hard to provide funding for you!

Step 2

Fill out our full application.

Our loan application process has been simplified to give you the quickest funding possible.

Our loan specialist will send you a list of the necessary docs along with your quote for your review and submission.

Step 3

Time to fund!

After you submit your application everything is handled in-house to insure docs are drawn up and ready to sign.

We'll invite you in to our office to meet with your loan specialist and escrow agent to ensure everything closes as fast as possible!

Stay in touch with us.

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